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PAINT (Predicting ALT IN Tumors)

PAINT is a decision tree-based classification scheme to predict the active telomere maintenance mechanism (TMM) of a given pediatric glioblastoma (pedGBM) sample. Using a set of telomere features extracted from imaging- and sequencing-based analyses and other approaches two classes of pedGBM tumors are distinguished: One class consists of tumors that elongate their telomeres via an telomerase-independent, so-called ‘alternative lengthening of telomeres’ (‘ALT’) mechanism. The other class lacks evidence of ALT activity, and the tumors are likely to be telomerase-positive (‘non-ALT’).

To use PAINT please go to ‘PAINT classifier’ and fill out the query with the available information on the sample that is to be classified with respect to its TMM status. As a result you will receive the class (‘ALT’ or ‘non-ALT’) as well as the prediction performance P, the adjusted p-value, and the reference sample size of the used decision tree. 

For further detail please refer to ‘Construction of PAINT’ and 'Instructions'.